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  • Manual Hole Recognition

    If I'mCaddie gives you the different hole information or if you start playing at a certain hole other than hole #1 or #10, press the main button and (-) button simultaneously on the tee box to perform hole recognition manually.

    e.g.) If you start playing at hole #7 for a shot gun tournament, press (-) button while press and holding the main button. I'mCaddie will say "Hole number 7 is selected."

  • Manual Hole Change

    Change the hole manually if I'mCaddie detects the different hole. While holding the main button, press the (+) button to scroll up to select the correct hole number. I'm Caddie will say "Hole number OO is selected."

    e.g.) If you want to change the hole number 4 to 5, while press and holding the main button, press (+) button once. I'mCaddie will say "Hole number 5 is selected."

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