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  • Available Languages
    You can select your desired language (English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French) and also select your desired voice (male or female).

  • Connect USB Cable to a computer to check the preloaded language.
  • Language change has to be done with a computer and internet connection.
  • Only one language file can be stored in I’mCaddie.
  • How to Change your Language
    a. Open our website www.iamcaddie.com on your web browser.
    b. Go to ‘Download’ and download the desired language file.
    c. Connect I’mCaddie to your PC using the USB cable.
    d. A popup window will show the voice file in I’mCaddie.
    e. Delete existing voice file and copy the downloaded language file into I’mCaddie.
    f. Disconnect USB cable and turn on I’mCaddie.

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