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1. Activate Golf Course Saving Mode: Press and hold the (+) and (-) button at same time.
2. Tee box position input : Press (+) button on tee box.
3. Canceling data input : Press (-) button to cancel the previous input.
4. Green position input : Press the main button on the center of green.
5. Finish saving : Press and hold the (+) and (-) button at same time.

e.g.) Inputing 18 hole course data
You must input data at every tee box and green. Therefore, for a 18 hole course, there will be a total of 36 position data inputs.

If your desired golf course is not on the I’mCaddie database, you can input your own golf course by doing the following.

  1. Press and hold the (+) and (-) button at same time.
    "Golf course saving mode."

  2. Press the (+) button at the tee box of hole number 1 (blue tee).
    "Hole number one tee is saved."

  3. If you want to cancel, press the (-) button.

  4. We recommend that you input at least 3 points at the tee boxes of hole number 1 and 10 for better accuracy.

  5. Press the main button 2 times at the center of the green of hole number 1."Hole number one, green is saved."

  6. Repeat procedures b and c for the remaining holes.

  7. Press the (+) and (-) button at the same time after you finish inputting all 18 holes.
    "The golf course is saved."

  8. Now I’mCaddie is ready to be used in the golf course.

  • If you press (-) button anytime during the process, saving process will be canceled.
  • Once finish saving a golf course data, I’mCaddie is ready to be used for the golf course.

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