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  • I’mCaddie provides updated data and firmware free of charge.
  • I’mCaddie contains the following files.
  • Voice file, Map data, User map data, Firmware(invisible), Firmware version text file

Upgrading Firmware

  1. Connect I’mCaddie and a computer using USB cable. I’mCaddie window will pop-up (If not, find I’mCaddie on Window Explorer(Finder on Mac) under ‘Computer’)
  2. There will be Voice file, Map data, User map data, Firmware version text file.
  3. Download firmware update file from the website.
  4. Copy the firmware into I’mCaddie.
  5. After 5 seconds, disconnect USB cable.
  6. Turn the switch on. I’mCaddie will process firmware update.
  7. Voice message will come out when update is done.
  8. Connect to a computer again and open version.txt to check update.

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